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Virtue Stables Lesson Program

“I seriously don’t know what I would do without a trainer like you! Honestly I’ve been with some really crappy trainers and they would make my confidence level so low, when I would be on a horse. I think you do a good job on educating the public or new horse owners on how to take care of a horse.” – M.N.


How to set up a lesson:

To get started you may us the form on our Contact page, email or give us a call to set up your first lesson time.  Have questions?  Just let us know through any of the above methods and we will get back to you shortly.  Please remember that we are generally outside and away from emails, FB and at times our phones while teaching or working the horses.  If you need a faster response please call us and leave a message.

Cancellations & Refunds

Cancellation/Refund Policy:  Considerable amount of time goes into planning lessons, reserving horses for riders, making sure no horse is overworked and has two days off a week, therefore it is the responsibility of the riders/students to come to lessons as set up and be on time.  There is no refund of lesson fees/package fees.  If a rider must cancel a lesson he/she must give us 24 hour notice.  Rider then may reschedule their lesson, now a make up lesson,  AT THAT time.  All make-up lessons times must be kept or they will be charged for.  If a rider cancels within 24 hours of his/her lesson time the lesson will be charged (or deducted from lesson package) $25.00. ONLY exceptions to the 24 hour policy: 1) IF we are expecting bad weather in the forecast for your lesson time, please contact us by phone to make arrangements to reschedule or discuss unmounted activities or what the plan is.  Sometimes we move the lesson time up, push back or ride as long as weather permits then finish time up with knowledge sessions.  It is the instructors decision on if and when a lesson takes place when weather may be a factor.  Instructor says lesson is still on (mounted or unmounted) cancellation policy will be applied. 2) If the instructor cancels your lesson a make up lesson will be allowed regardless of when notice was given to student.  

* Packages

Packages are offered with reduced or free lessons as options.  In order for the reduced or free lesson to be activated, students MUST be taking weekly lessons and each lesson must be taken within the 8 or 12 weeks purchased for.  Then on the last or next to last week of your package, IF you have not missed any lessons where a cancellation fee had to be taken, you have the option to take a second lesson that week at the cost associated with the package you bought.  

What happens now?

Are you ready to have some fun while learning to ride on the back of a horse?

Are you ready to take the next step in moving along the levels?

Are you ready to jump a cross rail or 4' course for the first time?

How about wanting to master first level dressage to move up to second level?

Our answer to all the above questions is YES!  Let's do it!  We will work with you to help develop a program and list of both short and long term goals that meet your expectations and what you are looking to get out of horseback riding.  We have one full time instructor, who rides and trains horses for competitions specializing in off the track thoroughbreds, ex-race horses.  She loves to teach as well!  Having coached and trained riders from the those just learning absolute basics to qualifying for and competing at National level championships.  Has experience coaching teams of riders and bringing home medals.  Our newest part time (Sundays) instructor is an avid rider herself, who has grown up on a horse who really did not think dressage was something a horse could do.  But this girl stuck it out even made it to Championships on that mare!  She now has a TB gelding who is teaching her that with oozing talent in a horse comes some patients on the the riders part to see them through the "scary things".  


Lesson may be purchased in blocks of 8 and 12 week packages or on a week to week (single basis).  Please keep in mind that there is a good bit of care taken by instructors to set up lessons to ensure groups are based correctly together and keep the horses happy and from being over used.  For horseback riding skills to improve it is important that the riders stay active outside of lessons and to show up for their lessons on a regular basis.  Unlike with other sports, in our sport we are adding to the equation the free will and forward thinking 1,000 pound plus animal who we, as riders, need to learn to trust and bond with so we may think and move as one fluid entity.  

2016 Lesson prices*

For Boarders (Reduced pricing for regular lessons)

Included in your boarding fee with a $20.00 per month savings for private lessons!  If you wish to pay for a package as listed in the below section you may.  Your price will reflect the savings already applied.  

For those who do not own or ship in:

Group Lessons: $35.00 each lesson                     

                      Package of 8: $280.00 *9th lesson in those 8 weeks only $20.00 (optional)

                      Package of 12: $420.00 *13th lesson in those 12 weeks is FREE (optional)

Private Lessons: $55.00 each lesson

                      Package of 8: $440.00 *9th lesson in those 8 weeks only $30.00 (optional)

                      Package of 12: $660.00 *13th lesson in those 12 weeks is FREE (optional)

Lead Line: $25 for 20 minute lead line ride

                      Package of 8: $190 (Must be used within 12 weeks from purchase date)

Discounts:  More than one rider in a family?  Second lesson package bought will receive 10% off total for sibling/parent usage when a package of any size is purchased for each rider.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be on time for all lessons.  Beginners and lead line show up at your lesson time.  Novice/Intermediate level riders plan to arrive 15 minutes early to find your mount, groom and tack up.  Advance level and up students you need to show up at least 15 minutes early, if you are riding your own horse and wish to be on early and warmed up ready to go by lesson time that is great OR on leased/one of ours you may plan for that but if horse is in a previous lesson time remember that lesson ends when that rider is finished.