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Boarding, Programs and Services

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Riding Lessons

Our lessons are planned to meet the goals of each rider individually! We work with our students to develop a balanced and independent seat as their foundation into riding. We welcome children and adults of varying levels of experience from just learning to those already competing. Our students are encouraged to experience various different riding disciplines with hopes they find one they LOVE to focus on. Lessons are taught with English style of riding leading to hunters, eventing, jumpers, dressage, pleasure and pony club.

Our goal is harmony between each rider and their horse/pony! In riding horses we learn much more than just how to walk and trot. We learn about compassion, hard work, how to handle being on “top of the world” and when things do not go as planned how to rebuild and grow again. Horsemanship is a skill that we strive to teach and encourage all of our students to be part of their horse/pony daily life.

Pricing ranges from $25 to $55 for each lesson depending type of lesson.  Students whom have their own horse(s) do receive a discount on lesson prices.  For more details on pricing, cancellation policy and booking lessons please visit our Lesson page .


Virtue Stables offers various levels of stall boarding for lesson clients and training horses only! We believe in a job well done and that is top priority when it comes to keeping our horses in top notch condition and request our clients to do the same.  

The horses who live here enjoy turn out time in small groups or private, quality grain, quality hay, grassy fields for turn out and grazing (as weather and seasons permit), matted stalls that are designed for their comfort under the mats and individual attention to care and detail. We have a large 86 x 200 outdoor ring, heated bathroom, large 12 x 12 indoor wash stall with both hot and cold water and storage for your everyday equipment. Plans for 2018 include some cross country obstacles, trails and the addition of more stalls.

To find out more about boarding options with us please continue to our boarding page.

"Thank you so much for taking such incredible care of my boy.  He means everything to me and I fully trust you to take the best care of him.  Thank you so much!"- A.S.

Training & Sales

Training is done based on a time frame the horse needs.  We take our time and work with the horses from the ground up!  Not every horse is the same so neither are the day to day programs.  While some of the horses come to us for training in competition others come to us to work through difficulties and others come just to brush the cobwebs off from hanging around in fields having not done much as of late.  Training is completed by our trainer and from time to time a working student may work on the ground or lunge training, while supervised by our trainer.  Training fees begin at $250 per month.  Does not include board, regular vet care, hoof care, and other objects or needs of the individual horse.  

Our sales program we encourage that everyone has the horses best interest in mind.  While we understand that as a seller you do not want to invest large amounts of money into training and care for a horse who does not fit your need, it is important that they are ready to be sold.  Regular riding is vital to improving the chance of finding the horses a new home that they will fit right into.  A decent price for a horse in today's market requires that they can not only be ridable but PROVE through experiences and records that they are mentally and physically capable of doing the discipline in question.  

While we do have fees set up with training and sales, we will work with owners to try and get a program designed that meets the needs and requirements of both horse's performance and owner's budget.  

More on the way as we continue to grow!

Please check our calendar for all practice dates, meetings, kids club and more happenings on the farm!